About us

Jambo Rooms_perhaps is one of the Largest Tanzania highly experienced Company in Rooms accommodation provider headquartered in Arusha . Our ethos is that of the personal touch, treating each and every one of our guests as a VIP worthy of our full attention. This respect and effort on our part ensure the experiences of a lifetime. We offer Exclusive boutique Accomodation rooms in all major cities of Tanzania and Zanzibar

Our professional, experienced and highly enthusiastic staff can be found at all levels of our organisation. From the managers of our properties, to our top notch guiding team, to the friendly and courteous support staff in our offices, Rooms services, nowhere else are you likely to find such a motivated group of people who are so committed to looking after your every need.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of Jambo Rooms is that not only will enable you to experience the more celebrated parts of Tanzania such as the endless Serengeti plains and the natural amphitheater of Ngorongoro Crater, but we can also help you to enjoy some of the more remote destinations as well as introduce you to the romantic and charismatic people who inhabit our extraordinary country.